In Matthew 28:19, Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all peoples.”


There is only one way to deliver the Gospel to groups who have not yet heard the name of Jesus; it has to be personally delivered. A messenger must GO.

When Christ called a man to take the Gospel to the first-century world, He chose the Apostle Paul, a man culturally, linguistically, and historically related to that world.

Reach the Rest forms partnerships with indigenous believers who share Paul’s advantages. Our field partners share a similar culture, language, and history with the lost in or near their communities. They are the best candidates to reach them.

This approach is called the PROXIMATE STRATEGY.

In the past, the process of moving from initial engagement to planted church has taken three to five years. The proximate church strategy has been known to reduce that time to just 90 days.

There are about 1,300 people groups in the world today with little or no gospel presence, no church, and no one working to change that sobering reality. There is work to do. The mission of Reach the Rest is to reach 600 unengaged people groups with the Gospel by 2025.

Reach the Rest is working with churches in North Africa, West Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, South Asia, and the Middle East to support indigenous church planters and leaders and equip them with the resources needed to finish the task.