50/50 Vision is an initiative of Reach the Rest to help provide the resources necessary for our church planting efforts among the unreached and unengaged people groups. 

Reach the Rest is committed to the unreached (people groups with less than 2% Christians and without a church presence). More specifically, we are focused on the unengaged (people groups with no known believers). Our purpose is to train and equip church leaders and national believers to make disciples and plant local churches among their unengaged neighbors. We do this among people groups who have a similar language, cultural background, and who are located within the same region. We call these proximate people groups. They are part of our overall discipleship strategy. 

We are currently working in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. We connect with church leaders and individuals, both in the United

States and abroad, to provide support, technology, and training for our field partners. Through these strategic partnerships, the gospel is being preached and literally thousands of churches are being planted in the regions where it has never been heard.

How Does the 50/50 Vision Work?

Although some have their own facilities, most of the churches we are planting are house churches. The average size of each congregation is 20 people. Last year we saw over 8,000 churches planted. That’s over 160,000 people impacted with the gospel. Our vision is to see 50,000 churches planted within the next 5 years. That’s 1 million disciples! These are people who, otherwise, would never even hear the gospel or know that there is a God who loves them and desires a relationship with them through Jesus Christ.

According to our calculations, it is estimated that our average cost to start a church is approximately $50.00. This cost includes training, transportation, evangelistic activities, discipleship, Bibles, gospel literature, and other resources.

Our 50/50 Vision is, therefore, to see 50 thousand churches planted for 50 dollars each over a 5-year span. Imagine the impact you can make for so little — hundreds of thousands reached with the gospel, gathered into local communities, and discipled. All for a minimal cost.



Make a Commitment.  Make a Difference.

We are asking you to invest in what God is doing through Reach the Rest. You can make a significant difference. All it takes is a small monthly investment.

We are asking you to pray for and give towards our vision to plant 50,000 churches.

There’s not a more strategic and effective investment for the Kingdom.

Join us in our vision to see 50,000 churches planted in the next 5 years among the unengaged and unreached.

Make your commitment today by calling (877) 811-3742 or click the following: