Ministry Strategy

There are approximately 12,000 people groups in the world. About 6,000 (50%) are “unreached,” meaning less than 2% of their group is evangelized. Of those, about 1,300 people groups across the globe have very little or no intentional disciple making and church planting strategy being implemented among them. These groups are the “unengaged.”

While many efforts are underway to reach unreached people groups, few have begun to deliver the Gospel to the unengaged. Additionally, a significant number of unreached people groups are located in close proximity to a “reached” people group with an established church. Reach the Rest believes that God in His sovereignty has uniquely positioned and equipped the proximate church to reach its neighbors with the Gospel. Consequently, the mission of Reach the Rest is “to reach the unengaged through the proximate Church,” and our vision is “to reach 600 unengaged people groups with the Gospel message by 2025.”

In pursuit of its God given mission, Reach the Rest blends traditional and modern approaches to reach the unengaged. We find the unengaged people groups, locate the church that is proximate to them, and close the gap between the two. All of the work that we do can be classified into one of four categories: research, relationships, resourcing, and reporting.

Research: Global researchers have identified all the people groups of the world. For the first time in history, we know their location, their language, and their cultural/religious orientation. We use this knowledge together with extensive field knowledge/experience from national partners to support the proximate church in successful engagement of unreached, unengaged people groups (UUPG’s).

Relationships: We take seriously the building of long-term relationships with our field partners (proximate churches, national leaders, and church planters) and with our domestic supporting partners (churches, small groups, and individuals). Cooperation with other Great Commission organizations is also necessary for Reach the Rest. To name a few, these organizations include: Biblical Institute of Leadership and Development (BILD), Channel North Africa (CNA), Global Commission (GCI), Music Evangelism Fellowship (MEF), Open Doors, Ron Blue and Associates, and Issachar Initiative.

Resourcing: We seek to provide whatever a proximate church requires to accomplish the task. These provisions may include financial support, humanitarian aid, leadership training, or professional assistance. Technology, such as The JESUS Film and solar audio Bibles, also helps replicate the message and the sharing.

Reporting: We are committed to accurate and regular status reports from our field partners and our ministry. Our field partners keep an accurate account of the number coming to faith in Christ, the number who are being discipled in their faith, and the number of new churches that are started each year. This data enables us to assess where God is working, which approaches are effective, and where adjustments are needed.