All people deserve to know their Creator.

We use a proven, strategic approach to tell the world about Jesus.

Reach The Rest icons websit Respond to God’s call

Respond to God’s call.

Reach The Rest icons website Know how your gift will be used
Know how your gift will be used.
Reach The Rest icons website Take Jesus to the world
Take Jesus to the world.

Spreading the gospel is worth every penny.

It typically takes just $300 to equip a new local leader to plant a new church.

More than three billion people in our world do not know Jesus.

For 220 million of them, almost no one is trying to tell them.

With faith so central in our lives, it’s difficult to imagine a world where we would never – in the course of our entire lifetime – hear the name of Jesus or experience His saving grace. And, when the facts do settle in, it’s especially hard to know what to do about them.

At Reach the Rest, we have spent decades refining an approach that allows us to reach those in the most difficult-to-reach people groups, where many attempts to deliver the Good News have failed and very few organizations are still trying.

Our approach is simple and effective.

Reach The Rest icons website FIND


We go where the need is.
We identify areas of the world where Jesus isn’t known, especially places that are home to people groups so difficult to reach that hardly anyone else is trying.
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Then, equip a local team.
We build and maintain relationships with Christian leaders who are geographically near, share a similar culture, and speak the same language as those we’re working to reach.
Reach The Rest icons website REACH


And, they spread the good news.
We come alongside them with a region-specific strategy, resources, and training to help them spread the Good News, plant churches, and multiply their efforts.

We stay until the hope of Jesus is so deeply rooted in the region that it is most likely to remain, generation after generation.

The name of Jesus is being shared
where it has never been shared before.

For more than 15 years, we have been partnering with people like you to reach those who deserve to know Jesus.

Last year alone, we celebrated:

1.72 million

people estimated to have been introduced to the gospel
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people who publicly indicated that they have chosen to follow Jesus
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unreached people groups introduced to the gospel, of which 200+ are groups that almost no one else is trying to reach
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new churches planted
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new believers baptized
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new leaders trained
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We have partnered with thousands of people who share a common mission.

Here is why our partners say they give.

Reach The Resticons website quote
“Our family had asked the LORD to give us the opportunity to be more personally involved in His Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. While we were actively asking God for this, He brought . . . Reach the Rest across our path. The multiplication concept and the successful church plants were amazing to us. Their heart to reach the unreached people groups echoed our heart’s desire for the gospel to go to all nations.”

Greg & Lisa, Texas

“What we love best about Reach the Rest is the proximate strategy concept. It means our money is at work no matter what is going on in the world. When other organizations are bringing workers out of the country, the nationals under Reach the Rest, are continuing to minister and meet needs. This is an important factor especially in this time where things are changing daily.”

Lee and Lois, North Carolina

“I appreciate the way [Reach the Rest] keeps us updated and informed about things that are going on in other nations. . . Knowing that we are helping to reach those that have never heard is important to me . . . I pray for those that hear the Gospel for the first time and I love knowing specifically not only the requests but the answers that God is giving and the people that will be with us in eternity because of Reach the Rest. What a blessing to be part of this great organization.”

Esther, Virginia

You have lots of choices as you decide where to give.

You deserve to know how your contributions will actually be used.

We promise:

85 cents from every dollar goes directly towards spreading the gospel.
85 cents from every dollar you give goes directly to train, empower, and launch national leaders to spread the Good News about Jesus while implementing strategies that multiply their efforts and ensure the message of hope lasts for generations.
You will get regular reports that tell you how your gift is being used.
We promise that your gifts will be used to share the hope of Jesus with the unreached world but would never ask you to “take our word for it.” That’s why we’ll send frequent updates about how your generosity is furthering the Kingdom of God.
We only invest in highly capable leaders.
We primarily invest in national leaders who are not only close geographically, speak the same or similar language, and are part of the same culture, but who also meet rigorous criteria, demonstrating that their local ministries are already producing results.
We do not send North American missionaries.
There are good reasons to send North Americans to many parts of the world and we are deeply grateful for those who serve in that way. Our mission is simply different. We have found that we can quickly and effectively reach more people when we partner with local leaders who are most likely to be accepted culturally.
We will not leave until we are confident the message will stick for generations.
Our work isn’t done until there are multiple streams of healthy, multiplying churches. In most people groups, this means that we’ve planted multiple churches, then those churches each plant another, then those newest churches each plant another, and then each of those even newer churches plant yet another. In other words, it takes multiple streams of church plants that have at least four multiplying generations to truly reach an unreached group.

A little can go a long way when used strategically.

With Reach the Rest, it typically takes just $300 to plant a new church.

Truth is —

People die every day never knowing Jesus.

You can help.

Reach The Rest icons website Make a donation

Make a donation.

Each tax-deductible gift of $300 (or $25/month) goes to plant a church in an unreached part of the world. Gifts of any size make a tremendous impact.
Reach The Rest icons website Follow your gift

Follow your gift.

We’ll send you regular virtual reports, so you’ll always know how your efforts are making an impact.
Reach The Rest icons website Celebrate hearts transformed

Celebrate hearts transformed!

Rejoice with us in each new unreached people group engaged, each new church planted, each new believer baptized, and each leader launched.

Together, we can reach the rest.