Change lives today and for generations to come.

No one wants to give to a black hole.

When you give charitably, you want to know that your gift is making an actual difference. Too often, though, giving feels like dropping hard-earned resources into a black hole and hoping for the best.

At Reach the Rest, we value your gifts as if they are our own. As a matter of fact, we’re giving just like you are, and we want to know that our gifts are used thoughtfully, stretched to maximize their reach, and not spent frivolously on things that bear no fruit.

The good news is — the strategy that we’ve found to be most impactful is extremely cost-effective, too. We utilize leaders who are geographically near and culturally connected, rather than incurring the cost of sending North American missionaries. And, when you give, you’ll receive regular reports about how your gifts are being used.

Give a gift that makes eternal waves.

Give once or make an ongoing impact.

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Give a One-Time

Give any amount, any time.
No gift is too small.

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Become a Monthly Partner

Join a committed group of believers who contribute monthly.

A few promises about your gift:

85 cents from every dollar goes directly towards spreading the gospel.
85 cents from every dollar you give goes directly to train, empower, and launch national leaders to spread the Good News about Jesus while implementing strategies that multiply their efforts and ensure the message of hope lasts for generations.
You will get regular reports that tell you how your gift is being used.
We promise that your gifts will be used to share the hope of Jesus with the unreached world but would never ask you to “take our word for it.” That’s why we’ll send frequent updates about how your generosity is furthering the Kingdom of God.
We only invest in highly capable leaders.
We primarily invest in national leaders who are not only close geographically, speak the same or similar language, and are part of the same culture, but who also meet rigorous criteria, demonstrating that their local ministries are already producing results.
We do not send North American missionaries.
There are good reasons to send North Americans to many parts of the world and we are deeply grateful for those who serve in that way. Our mission is simply different. We have found that we can quickly and effectively reach more people when we partner with local leaders who are most likely to be accepted culturally.
We will not leave until we are confident the message will stick for generations.
Our work isn’t done until there are multiple streams of healthy, multiplying churches. In most people groups, this means that we’ve planted multiple churches, then those churches each plant another, then those newest churches each plant another, and then each of those even newer churches plant yet another. In other words, it takes multiple streams of church plants that have at least four multiplying generations to truly reach an unreached group.

God’s gift to us is free.
Let’s take it to the world.